Recent Improvements to ATS and IAS

April 20, 2015

by Marc Weibel, Issues Program Manager

SLAC’s Action Tracking System (ATS) and Integrated Assessment Schedule (IAS) are both tools integral to SLAC’s Contractor Assurance System (CAS), and recent improvements have been made to make these tools easier to use.

IAS: Assessments are a CAS-related process used to measure SLAC’s performance and drive actions to address issues that are identified. IAS is the tool used to document all completed assessments (self or external) and schedule upcoming assessments. Upon completion of an assessment, the assessment owner uploads the final assessment report to IAS, and then enters any assessment findings as “issues” in ATS.

ATS: Identifying issues and taking actions to address them are both CAS-related processes used by SLAC to improve performance. ATS serves as the tool to document issues identified through assessments, incident investigations or management walkarounds and the associated actions being taken to address each issue. Line management assigns each issue a significance level (P1, P2, P3) and owner. The issue owner determines what actions will be taken to address the issue and enters the actions into ATS with their owner and due date. ATS tracks each action to closure and provides action owners and line management with notifications of upcoming or overdue actions.

Recent improvements made to IAS and ATS include:

  • Both IAS and ATS have been moved from behind SLAC’s firewall, making remote access easier. Previously, use of IAS and ATS required a person to be logged in to SLAC’s network, either directly or through a VPN connection. IAS and ATS may now be accessed directly through any internet connection, requiring only that the user log in using their SLAC ID and password.
  • ATS was upgraded to reduce the amount of data transferred by the application, resulting in faster performance.
  • Entering issues or actions in ATS has been made easier by allowing multiple issues or actions to be entered without returning to the home screen between each item.
  • A step-by-step instruction sheet for adding an issue in ATS has been added to the ATS home screen. Additional instruction sheets will be added soon for other common ATS tasks, such as entering an action, submitting an action for closure, approving an actin for closure, changing an action due date and changing an issue or action owner.

Comments and suggestions for other improvements to IAS or ATS can be sent to the Issues Program Manager, Marc Weibel, at ext. 4264