May 16, 2018

The next Stanford Process Improvement Series is open for registration, with the kick-off workshop taking place on June 4 on Stanford campus.

There are three workshops in the series:

  • Workshop 1 (3.5 hours) on June 4

  • Workshop 2 (4 hours) on June 18

  • Workshop 3 (4 hours) on July 9

If you want to learn how to improve a process you’re responsible for and have a work group interested in taking part in the series, enroll via Axess for this STAP funds eligible opportunity. If you have insufficient STAP funds, contact the Process Improvement and Efficiency (PIE) program for assistance.

Interested participants should understand that these are applied workshops where groups work on a specific process in their work area that needs improvement.

Real Examples
You can read about some of the projects that SLAC participants worked on in a previous series here.

PIE Skills Training
We also have some PIE training classes coming up that will be held on-site at SLAC:

Please contact the contractor assurance team with your interest, or visit the Tools and Resources page of the PIE website to learn more about these workshops and what process improvement is all about