New Policy Website

May 17, 2018

From the Director's Office

A new website has been created to store and maintain all our institutional policies – i.e. documents stating SLAC and Stanford University requirements that apply to all SLAC employees. These documents are issued under the authority of the lab director to direct the management and operation of the lab.

The policies ensure that the lab’s workforce has clear, concise and current instructions that are aligned with SLAC prime contract, Stanford University, and other applicable federal, state, or local legal/regulatory requirements.

There are a number of such institutional policies that have lab-wide implications for our staff, and we’re expected to familiarize ourselves with them and ensure they are an integral part of the way we work.

You can navigate to the website via SLAC Today’s Staff Resources page, under ‘Policies & Procedures’, or via the Director’s Office website.

Policies on the new website are sorted into categories, or you can view the full list and search by keyword.

If you know of an institutional policy that is missing from this website, please contact Institutional Requirements Program Manager Angel Smith at