New director of Contractor Assurance and Contract Management (CACM)

July 19, 2019

By Brian Sherin, Deputy Director for OPperations and Chief Operating Officer


Ken Fouts, Director of Contractor Assurance and Contract Management

I am very pleased to announce that Ken Fouts has accepted the position of director of Contractor Assurance and Contract Management (CACM), effective Aug. 15. With this new appointment comes an organizational change in the Director’s Office, with the CACM function now reporting to me.

Ken joined SLAC in 2004 as the engineering manager for Integration and Test (I&T) of the Large Area Telescope (LAT) – the primary instrument for the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope – after which he became the LAT project manager.

He also held the role of division head for the Research Mechanical Division in the Fundamental Physics Directorate (FPD) since 2012, during which time he served as SLAC’s chief engineer (2014 to 2016). Since 2016, Ken has been the project manager for the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search project (SuperCDMS SNOLAB), working with partner labs FNAL and PNNL, the CDMS Collaboration, and SNOLAB; a deep underground laboratory in Sudbury, Canada, where the experiment will be located.

Prior to joining SLAC, Ken spent 22 years in the aerospace industry in commercial and military space and aircraft programs. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University.

His strong experience in project management and quality processes, as well as his expertise and experience in engineering, design, and operations of complex systems, makes him a great fit for the CACM director role. In particular, his experience with quality assurance (QA) will be beneficial in helping the lab successfully deliver on the many projects that are both underway and planned for the future. As CACM director and a member of the Senior Management Team, Ken will have oversight of the lab’s Quality & Work Planning and Control (WPC) programs, the Director’s Assurance Council (DAC), lab-wide risk management, the process improvement program, institutional policies, assessments, and contract deliverables.

A transition plan will be implemented over the next several weeks to fill the roles in the FPD Research Mechanical Division and for SuperCDMS SNOLAB. During this period, Marc Weibel will continue to act in the role of CACM director. Marc has held this interim role since December 2018, and has done an excellent job of maintaining the CACM programs. The lab extends its gratitude for a job well done.

Lastly, Rich Poliak has been named the quality and work planning & control manager in the CACM organization. This is a well-deserved expansion of his previous portfolio of managing the lab’s WPC program and will serve to strengthen the lab’s efforts in improving our critical processes. In this capacity, and working closely with projects and line organizations, he will be providing direction, oversight, and strategic planning for all aspects of the lab’s QA and WPC programs.