The Plan of the Week (POW) meeting is a forum for disseminating information on work activities, noteworthy mission support activities, construction activities and significant incidents. While the POW meeting is not used to approve work activities, it is intended to supplement line management communications. The meeting is hosted by the Deputy Director, and is facilitated by the Contractor and Quality Assurance Office. We meet every Monday at 3 p.m. in B052 Mad River Conference room.

Meeting agenda:
1. Mission Status (5 mins)
2. Noteworthy Work Activities (15-20 mins) 3. Significant Incidents (5-10 mins, as needed) 4. Lessons Learned and Special Presentations (5-10 mins, as needed)

Presentations for each week's meeting should be uploaded into the Weekly Presentations folder on the POW SharePoint site note new location by 2pm Monday . Please contact Marc Weibel x4264 if you have any questions.

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