Director’s Assurance Council (DAC)

Routinely identify and integrate institutional risks and mitigations, communicate significant risk, and fulfill our lab-wide responsibilities in the SLAC self-assessment element of the Stanford contractor assurance system.

Members of the Director’s Assurance Council (DAC) are:
-Deputy Director (Chair)
-Associate Laboratory Directors (AD, LCLS, SSRL, Science, TID)
-Chief Engineer
-Chief Financial Officer
-Chief Information Officer
-Chief Research Officer
-Chief Safety Officer
-Chief of Staff
-Communications Director
-Compliance Officer
-Contractor Assurance Manager
-Facilities and Operations Director
-Human Resources Director
-Legal Counsel
-Project Directors (LCLS-II, LSST)
-Strategic Planning Director
-SU ERM Representative
-Assistant Chief of Staff

DAC members may nominate one of their deputies or direct reports to act as a substitute in the event the member is unable to attend.

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