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CAS Programs



CAS Programs

Complete performance improvements

Issues and Corrective Action Management

     SIIMS- SLAC Issues and Improvement Management System

 Issues and Improvement Program

     Incident and Issues Dashboard

     Investigation Toolkit

          Investigation Reporting & Investigation Process

          Investigation Basics

         Investigation Techniques

     Incidents Master List

     Injury Reporting site

Use data to reduce risk and improve against goals

Identify key risks to performance

Enterprise Risk Management Program

     Enterprise Risk Management System Software

     Enterprise Risk Management Program (ERMP) Policy

     Directors Assurance Council (DAC) Charter and Process

     Project Management Assurance Group (PMAG) SharePoint site

     Stanford Board of Oversight website

Lessons Learned

     OPEXShare Lessons Learned site

     SLAC Lessons Learned SharePoint site



Ensure that Laboratory mission deliverables, products, and services meet or exceed customer and stakeholder expectations through implementation of planned and systemic actions and integrated management systems

Quality Assurance Plan

Work Planning and Control

Suspect Counterfeit Items